Factoring is a service consisting in exchanging invoices issued by an entrepreneur for cash that is practically available immediately. This form of financing is most often used by small and medium-sized enterprises and it is them that the offer for online factoring is directed by Loan and Credit Faktor.

The team of experts operating within it does not only deal with applications for additional funding. He also provides comprehensive advice, for example legal ones. It supports factoring companies interested in paying the debt with suppliers or ongoing financing from invoices issued to contractors.

Loan and Credit Factor factoring as a valued financing method

Loan and Credit Factor factoring as a valued financing method

Loan and Credit Faktor provides two types of services. The first is the so-called debt factoring , where the factor settles his client’s debt, for example with a supplier. The other remains traditional factoring services , which are used to convert a registered invoice into funds transferred to a factorer. Unlike many other entities in the industry, Loan and Credit Faktor does not focus on silent factoring.

However, it encourages clients to inform their contractors about the positive sides of using this type of financial support ( explicit factoring ). The alternative to hiding your financial situation is full transparency. Highlighting the advantages that factoring introduces to the business in many respects. Thanks to it, the entrepreneur can offer a longer repayment period, which from the perspective of his clients can be a key issue.

Factoring for small businesses is no longer associated with debt and financial problems. Instead, it is becoming a modern tool for investing in entrepreneurship development. Loan and Credit Faktor is a factoring company that wants to promote this type of service through its activities.

Loan and Credit Factor or money without leaving home

Loan and Credit Factor or money without leaving home

How does factoring offered by Loan and Credit Faktor work? First of all, the formalities were limited to the necessary minimum. The potential customer must complete a simple form and wait for the advisor to answer by phone. Such a specialist will present possible options, also present the details of the offer. The online factoring application process takes a maximum of one day, after which the entrepreneur knows what he will do.

Microfactoring of Loan and Credit Faktor is aimed at both entrepreneurs experienced on the market and beginners in running their own business. Supporters of traditional business relationships built face to face, Loan and Credit Faktor provides customer service offices in four Polish cities.

It is possible to obtain g otówka invoices from PLN 100, customers can also count on factoring limit to 150 000 gold and even postpone repayments for 120 days. If the customer is not convinced by factoring, additional costs will not be charged for terminating the contract.

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