Promissory Note Loan


If you need to borrow quickly and without formalities, in addition to fast online loans, you can borrow bills of exchange against signing. This way of lending money has an advantage for both the lender and the borrower.

A bill of exchange is no complicated document, and any two individuals older than 18 years can put it together.


Terms of the bill

bill loan

The bill must contain the following basic information:

  • the literal expression “bill of exchange” in the text of the document
  • unconditional order to pay a certain sum of money
  • the name of the person to pay
  • maturity of the bill
  • the place to be paid
  • the name of the person to be paid
  • the date and place of issue of the bill
  • issuer signature

Without these terms, the bill of exchange is invalid.

Disadvantages of Bills

If there is any doubt, it is the debtor who has signed the bill, who must prove the reasons for its invalidity or the reasons why the bill holder is not in law. Therefore, caution is advised before signing the bill. If you do not pay your original debt in accordance with the promissory note, the creditor will enforce the promissory note. The process of recovering debt secured by a bill of exchange is much easier and faster, so the debtor can get into an unpleasant situation – execution – much faster and hard to defend against it.

Repayment of the loan

Repayment of the loan

Loan-backed loans can be repaid in the same way as any other loan. You can indicate amounts on the bill as you return them. This also ensures that no fee or interest for the duration of the loan will change. That’s why these loans are so popular. They provide money quickly and both parties know the conditions.

Ready solution

bill loan

A bill of exchange loan can solve your difficult financial situation very quickly – virtually immediately. On the other hand, it has the advantage for creditors that in the event of default, the borrowed money is much more enforceable than the “classic” loan. Therefore, the offer of these loans is also interesting and varied. In the morning, you call the ad or choose from a large menu and in the afternoon you can have a few tens of thousands of coru in your hand. And it does not matter if you live in Prague, Pilsen, Brno or Ostrava. The hit of the last time is the so-called bill of exchange loan – we will come – when the creditor will come to you and write a bill with you and pay the money.

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